Albert Tung

Stanford University

Class of 2019

I am a sophomore at Stanford University studying computer science with an interest in design and artificial intelligence. In my free time, I like to create projects, shown on the left, that help people with productivity and everyday lives.

Exploration: I am constantly trying to improve my skills in puzzle hunting, competitive programming, and application development (from a sketch to a finished product).

Research: I currently work with a team of undergraduates under Professor Michael Bernstein, Professor Ramesh Johari and Tum Chaturapruek to produce and improve Carta, a tool that uses student data to help students choose classes.


An interface designed for the Intelligent World Hackathon hosted by General Electric. The web application, built using Angular JS, uses the Predix API and Pitney Bowes GeoEnhance API to allow city planners to monitor traffic and allow them to see trends of past accidents.

Won Best Traffic and/or Parking App

Collaborator(s): Alexander Chang, Calvin Wan, Brandon Chen


An iOS application built for designers to easily communicate the color palettes they want to build with. The application supports multiple features including creating custom swatches, random color generation, color exploration, and palette generation from images.

Collaborator(s): Alexander Chang

Orator Cue

A mobile interface currently on Google Play that allows users to give presentation feedback for public speakers on an Android device and is part of a larger package available on the App Store. The application uses to communicate to the web sockets.

Collaborator(s): Alexander Chang, Kristina Shia, Thomas Chen

Cycle Fitness

A website that uses a Javascript filter to display types of bikes and various bike shop events. Website was created for the Future Business Leaders of America Website Design competition and awarded fourth place nationally.

Collaborator(s): Alexander Chang, Thomas Chen